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FLOTUS Has Security Escort WH Florist Off Premises Over ‘Fussy’ Arrangements

Michelle Obama recently fired the White House chief floral advisor Laura Dowling because her “fussy” arrangements weren’t in keeping with Mrs. Obama’s new “modern aesthetic.” As if that wasn’t absurd enough, the First Lady then had security escort said florist off of the property.

Though Dowling released a statement saying that she had resigned, sources close to the florist admitted that she was fired because she and the FLOTUS had differing styles. But in a curious twist of irony, Dowling’s 2009 hire was noted to be one of the “modern flourishes” by the first family according to The New York Times.

White House Florist Laura Dowling prepares the floral arrangements for the State Dinner tonight in Washington, DC.

Now I’m all for trimming the fat from the government, and I don’t think that the first family needs their own florists, but to fire someone in such an unnecessarily extravagant way is ridiculous. She didn’t deserve that treatment from anyone, let alone a public servant.

And while we’re on that topic, I feel it necessary to ask exactly how hard is it to set up a bundle of flowers by yourself? I realize that between taking lavish trips to exotic places and telling our children that they’re fat, you don’t have a lot of time to decide between daises and daffodils, but maybe you could make some time and save the tax payers some money. We work so hard to afford you the lifestyle that you so obviously enjoy, the least you could do is help us out a little bit. If you find it so hard to create aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements, may I suggest the use of Google? Nobody would think less of you. Trust me, that’s not possible.


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