Flying Monkeys Appear Ahead Of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Fundraiser In Brentwood

The Guerrilla street artist, Sabo has presented a warm Conservative welcome for Hillary Clinton. This gift prior to a Democratic fundraiser taking place Monday, October 20, 2014, at Tavern in Brentwood, California.

Yes, flying monkeys, as from the Wizard of Oz holding “Hillary 2016” were on display Friday morning courtesy of Sabo. San Vicente Boulevard will welcome Clinton in true Sabo style. Americans have had enough of the cultural degeneration of America, and as Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter, “All of these leftists. I am tired of their s!&% !”

He is also working on a faux Tavern site, and Tavern menu to draw attention to the Democratic party and Clinton scandals.

Being a conservative myself, I first learned about the art Sabo has made when “Ted Cruz” posters were plastered all over Dallas, Texas. Immediately I became a fan of his work.

You can find out more @ Unsavoryagents on Facebook.

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