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The Real Enemy

Focus People

Focus …. If you are absolutely fed up with the FEDS then FOCUS!

Stop with all the backbiting and remember what the goal is this November.

The Democratic Party and ALL of there members running for elected office in November.

Yes the Republicans running for office have issues.  Some are not courageous enough for most of us.  Some are just plain cowards only concerned about their chairmanships and presumed power.

But the fact remains that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in America as it is now constituted is the Enemy of Freedom in America.

Make no bones about it the last 5 years of the Obama administration have proven that fact without a doubt.

But consider this little fact, if it weren’t for the Republicans elected in 2010 and again in 2012 there would be NO reason to conduct an election in 2014.

Now with 8 months until the November elections it is time to FOCUS on the goal.  To rid America of these freedom robbing liberty stealing menaces.

We’ll all deal with the Republicans after this November and beyond.

Dems Poster
These are the faces of your Enemy America

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