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Former LT NY Gov Puts Hillary On Blast! She Promised 200K Jobs And Things Got Worse!

Former NY Lt Governor Besty McCaughey joined Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning to talk about former NY Senator Hillary Clinton who promised 200K jobs to the state. McCaughey said Clinton fell way short of her promise and allowing her to promise the same thing to the nation would be dangerous.

We all know Clinton’s candidacy is not about helping the American people, it’s about trying to make history. Clinton would deal with the devil if given the opportunity to increase her wealth and power. For example she claims to champion women’s rights but her Clinton foundation which she pays her daughter Chelsea, an annual salary of 600k, has accepted millions from Muslim countries known to oppress women.

Hillary is running on the reputations of the offices she held, not her accomplishments while in office. Nobody knows what kinds of deals were struck for her to gain the support need to win those offices. I have a feeling that backroom deals by the DNC go back much farther than their dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders.

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