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NFL player takes away participation trophy to teach son a lesson about winning — AWESOME!

Former NFL standout LB James Harrison is taking away his kids’ participation trophies because he wants them to “EARN a real trophy.” When former Steelers linebacker came home to find that his sons had received participation trophies, he went on an epic rant.

You know who likes participation trophies, the people that make trophies.

Check out his Instagram post:

This is parenting done right.

Response on to Harrison’s post found many supporting the father’s decision to return the trophies. Others argued that the trophies were harmless and more of a representation of the game.

“I got participation trophies when I played hockey in the 90’s-00’s. They definitely didn’t make me feel like I won anything. They pissed me off. I threw them away, because they were just a reminder that I didn’t win lol. I was a bit competitive,” Redditor Doofiss said.

“So from my experience they are nothing new AND they don’t have the effect people are saying they have. To some people, like yourself, it’s just a neat memento. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Plus we totally should award kids for participating in sports. It’s good for them.”

What do you think? Should a kid get a trophy for practicing and participating in the games? Should they strive for higher goals whether they win or fail?

Share your thoughts and opinions below in our comment section.

H/T – James Harrison Instagram, Reddit


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