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Former RNC Chairman Steele Left Speechless By ‘Very Haunting And Very Disturbing’ NRA Press Conf

There’s a reason why this joker is a former one. He now gets his kicks speaking against the GOP on MSNBC as a contributor. Cancel that Guy!


The former Republican National Committee chairman blasted LaPierre for his chosen message:

“I just think that this was a missed opportunity to create another conversation at a higher level where the American people are right now. This incident cut to the bone. This is unlike anything that’s come before it because it did involve such precious young people and it really starkly called us to think about our society, those issues, not just gun control laws but mental health and a whole bunch of other things I think the NRA could have brought to the table, the idea that the message, the top line message out of this press conference is let’s put a gun in the hands of teachers in our classroom and I do not think that’s where rank-and-file NRA members expected this to go to.”

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