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Four years ago, even Ted Cruz supported eminent domain in newly found video

From The Gateway Pundit

Senator Ted Cruz supporters have been trashing Donald Trump over eminent domain. Visit any conservative site, check out social media, even watch the moderators for these GOP debates go after Trump on eminent domain. The Keystone Pipeline would have to be built using it, but to those who DISLIKE Trump, now there are different stages of it and with that insurance plan, they cover themselves from being hypocrites.

Remember the old woman who Trump offered her money but she turned it down, and he walked away. He didn’t try to harm the woman or take it by force. She sold it years later to someone else. She never was put out. Jeb Bush used it against Trump during the GOP debate, but we later found out his family who helped build the Texas Rangers ballpark used eminent domain.

Watch Cruz break it down:

Most of you won’t read this but if Ted Cruz was for eminent domain four years ago and you heard it, why to get angry at us for showing you the video. We didn’t create the video nor did we doctor the video. If that’s his position, that’s his position. 

h/t – The Gateway Pundit

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