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Fox News Bill Hemmer Takes On Former State Dept Spokesman Marie Harf

Their strategy is to put a Muslim with extreme views as the leader of the DNC

Harf has said in the past the solution to “violent extremism” in the Middle East is more jobs for Muslim men and princess thinks Trump should be more “clear-eyed and realistic.”

Watch this exchange:

Talking points Barbie will ALWAYS be critical of this current administration and defend everything the community organizer did- even the parts that have failed miserably like Benghazi ( see the link below), Ukraine/Crimea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and of course Israel.

So Trump is trying to keep an open mind with Russia since they have a lot of influence with Syria and he gets hammered for it. While the empty suit bent over backward for dictators countries like Iran and Cuba and he’s  hailed as some 21st-century statesman of the year. Everyone can see the duplicitous and biased hypocrisy here.


No thanks, Fox News. Even though I don’t want you on a regular basis, I’ll change the channel whenever she comes on. Maybe they should give Harry Reid a show.

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