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Fox News Brian Kilmeade: It’s “laughable” that the suspect was read his Miranda rights in hospital.

Brian Kilmeade, criticized the way the interrogation is being conducted and deemed it “laughable” that the suspect was read his Miranda rights in hospital.

Going through some of the information about Tsarnaev being shot in the neck, Kilmeade noted it’s being called into question based on an eyewitness report. He further pointed to the suspect alleging his brother was the driving force and they acted alone, calling Tsarnaev’s account “convenient.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You question him for 90 seconds as he’s come out of a harrowing situation like this. He’s in self-preservation mode. This guy needs to be questioned for a couple of weeks, they need to see if his story lines up. They all have the same explanation to get out of it in the beginning. And then you’ve got to drill down on it with professional interrogators. He does not need to see his Miranda rights read to him in bed. Laughable.”

Kilmeade, meanwhile, pressed on:

“There is no way logically — how do you not know the man you converted to Islam for is not involved in extracurricular activities? You’ve already switched to his religion. … You don’t think it ever came up that, ‘By the way, honey, I’m taking it to another level.’”


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