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Fox News Tantaros RIPS National Review #Gangof22 Rich Lowry’s Iowa caucus spin – AWESOME!

National Review’s Rich Lowry is a Trump hater and eating up the Iowa win for Ted Cruz and we aren’t mad at him, but he is spinning like crazy. He knows Donald Trump made a huge impact in Iowa and is still the national leader.

Lowry and the GOP elitists don’t get it. He said in another part of the show that the “blue-collar conservatives” are needed in the Republican conservative tent. He then goes to say, when asked by Tantaros if the National Review (Lowry is editor) will endorse Cruz, that the National Review editorial board is split between Cruz and Marco Rubio .

So, what will they say when Trump takes NH by a wide margin? Talking heads like this guy always end up eating crow.

Watch how it plays out in this video:

Watch Trump to ramp up his ground game and come out swinging at both Rubio and Cruz. I don’t think Cruz even qualified to get on the ballot in some states.

h/t – Outnumbered

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