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#FreddieGray riots not about justice, it was about getting free stuff [VIDEO]

A protest over the death of #FreddieGray, who was critically injured in police custody, started peacefully with thousands marching through downtown streets before the demonstration turned violent and volatile.

Meanwhile, a smaller “splinter group” looted a convenience store and threw tables and chairs through storefront windows, shattering the glass. One group smashed the window of a department store inside a downtown mall and, at one point, a protester tossed a flaming metal garbage can toward a line of police officers in riot gear as they tried to push back the crowd.

They even brought their kids to the mayhem.

There is no excuse for this unlawful conduct. Why people continue to resist arrest, run from police and/or assault them and display weapons toward them is incomprehensible. Cooperate, submit and plead your case in court; do not instigate the use of force by police. When you do, you have dealt the hand and should expect them to use whatever force is necessary to effect the arrest. As a child I was taught to halt if a policeman yells halt and to do otherwise could result in your being shot.

I am pretty much sure the people you see robbing a 7-11 on video are not affiliated with any movement. One woman is shown leaving the 7-11 with her hands full of snacks.These people have nothing to do with #BlackLivesMatter, or Freddie Gray, or anything positive. They were people like these bored kids who used this as an opportunity to get free stuff from a 7-11. Hope they are proud of themselves – and hope they really enjoy those chili dogs. Because now they’re internationally infamous and threaten to make millions of people look bad.

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