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Friend Steven Seagal Presented With Russian Passport By Vladimir Putin

A social media friend of mine Steven Seagal was presented with a Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin as a way to show America things will be a lot better under a Trump Administration.

Barack Obama‘s actions have strained Moscow and America’s relationship over the past few years, and Putin wants to open up the talking lanes when Trump takes office on January 20, 2017.

I am proud of my social media friend. We connected over a month ago and he is a stand-up American who loves this country. Seagal is known for his martial arts films but he’s also a humanitarian. I hope to interview him on my show real soon.

From Reuters:

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a Russian passport to U.S. actor Steven Seagal on Friday and said he hoped it would serve as a symbol of how the fractious ties between Moscow and Washington are starting to improve.

At a Kremlin ceremony where Seagal signed his new passport in front of Putin, the Russian leader said:

“I want to congratulate you and express the hope that this is another, albeit small, gesture and it might be a sign of the gradual normalization of relations between our countries.”

When Putin then asked how he was doing, the actor replied that “everything is good. We will talk later. For now just honored to be here.”

Putin, a fan of the kind of martial arts that Seagal often practices in his Hollywood action movies, signed an order at the start of this month to grant Russian citizenship to Seagal.

At the time, a Kremlin spokesman cited Seagal’s “warm feelings towards Russia” and his celebrity as the reasons for granting the gesture.

In the past two years, relations between Russia and Washington have deteriorated to their worst level since the Cold War as a result of the armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, where Moscow and Washington backed opposing sides.

Putin has expressed hope that, with the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president, relations will improve. Putin has praised Trump’s personal qualities, and the U.S. president-elect has said he wants friendly ties.

I look forward to better ties with Russia with the Trump administration. Why shouldn’t we be able to get along and work out differences. The drumbeats of war against another superpower are old and stupid.

What do you think about this?

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