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Friends of Dlyann Roof speak out: “The church wasn’t his initial target, his mom had initially took his gun” – VIDEO

Friends of the Dlyann Roof, murderer of nine people inside a historic black church in Charleston, said he told him that the University of Charleston was the original target.

Christon Scriven, 22, said. “I think that because that college campus is so hard to get onto … maybe he couldn’t get into that school, and he settled on that church.”

Scriven, who is black, said he never heard Roof use racial slurs or complain about African Americans. A relative of one of the victims said she was told by a survivor that the gunman said the shootings were motivated by race. A police affidavit released Friday said Roof “uttered a racially inflammatory statement” to a witness before leaving the scene of the killings.

Scriven and Joey Meek, Roof’s high school pal described drinking to much they had gotten drunk but while listening to Roof speak on causing damage, they stashed his .45-caliber handgun, a birthday present, in an air condition vent, but gave it back once they had all sobered up.

Scriven said that when Roof mentioned shooting up a school last week, he thought the statement was a joke, and Roof didn’t bring it up again. “He just said on Wednesday, everything was going to happen. He said they had seven days,” Scriven said.

Scriven said he was shocked when he learned that Roof was identified as the gunman. “I just ran through my head that he did it,” he said. “Like, he really went and did what he said he was going to do.”

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