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Friends with Benefits by Chris Ivan

buffetobamaIn the aftermath of yet another crude oil carrying train derailment, finally some whisper of changing the way crude is transported. Casselton, N.D. dodged a bullet this time, but other communities haven’t been so fortunate. In November, 90 cars derailed in Alabama. And in Quebec last July, 47 people lost their lives.
Now the blame game begins. Environmentalist are questioning the condition of the rail cars. However, completely ignoring the inherent risk of railroad and the safer more reliable pipeline mode which they have been blocking. Ironic, considering the CO2 emitting diesel locomotives being used to transport the crude seem to not be an issue for these people.

So why are we using rail cars instead of pipelines? Because the President refuses to allow the construction of them. Now why would Mr Obama do such a thing? Well, He claims there are environmental risks to sensitive lands in Nebraska. Oddly enough, Nebraska already has pipelines crisscrossing it. So why block and delay one more? The answer lies with ‘Friends with benefits’, Everyone’s favorite billionaire and Barrack Obama.

Mr. Buffet just so happened to buy the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Corp back in 2009. Being the wise investor Buffet is, he knew the crude coming from the Bakken oil fields would need a lift south to refineries. If he could convince his good friend in the whitehouse to kill the pipeline, Berkshire Hathaway could make serious coin.


Now Mr. Buffet in the above clip claims only 5% of his cars are carrying oil, it is important to note that the Bakken oil boom is just getting started. Energy expert and former Shell Oil executive John Hofmeister said more discoveries are being made everyday in the oil fields.

The relationship between Mr. Buffet, Obama, Crude Oil, and railroads is just too convenient. Glenn Beck so eloquently put the pieces of this romance together in 2012 on GBTV.


Now we know why the pipeline is not built. We also know why our president is willing to put our communities at risk and destroy the 20,000 pipeline jobs that could be. But one question i have been unable to answer. Why would environmentalists prefer the riskier use of rail for crude transport over the safer, more efficient pipeline? The only answer i can come up with is they do not want safer more efficient fossil fuel transport. It’s bad for their cause. They revel in oils spills, explosion, and images of birds covered in crude. The fossil fuel haters want to portray their nemesis in the worst possible light.

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