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GA district votes out Trump delegates for Cruz; cites possible embarrassment at GOP convention

This is why people do not vote, and this is why the Democrats probably have a shot at regaining the White House, no matter who wins their nomination.

It seems what happened on Saturday at the Georgia 7th Congressional District GOP convention was highway robbery. Sen. Ted Cruz, who came in third in voting and didn’t win any delegates, had supporters who removed Donald Trump delegates under the false premise Trump’s people would “embarrass” the district at the GOP convention to be held in Cleveland, Ohio.

This district that Trump won will not have any delegates for the candidate.

From Breitbart:

When it came time for nominations from the floor, the Cruz bloc, which I believe had the numbers to install whoever they wanted, did not challenge the Rubio delegate. Only the true Trump supporter, Debbie Dooley, was challenged. Two Cruz supporters argued in favor of their alternative delegate, a Mr. David Hancock, on the premise that he had ‘been in the party from the beginning’ and ‘wouldn’t embarrass us at the convention.’ The convention was given no time to ask questions of the candidates on the basis that ‘the nominating committee has already interviewed them for you’. The Cruz people succeeded in voting in their delegate over Trump’s Debbie Dooley.

I know a cheater when I see it, and this has nothing to do with Cruz if you believe it. The RNC is the problem. These rules are meant to protect their party and their way of doing things. Cruz is just being used as a pawn either to be elected or to be removed from the convention for someone else.

Here’s the video:

Right now, I am about 70 percent not voting at all and that’s a fact. I don’t like cheaters, and I don’t like liars. I never have and I never will.

h/t – YouTube, Breitbart

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