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Gallup Poll Latest: Trump and Cruz favorables are up!

Here’s the main message everyone needs to realize — we are tired of “politicians.” America wants real people who speak the truth, not whatever they think will get them elected.

Listen to both parties– all they talk about is getting their party in control, it’s not about the people anymore. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz tells it like it is and won’t sugar coat it and the latest Gallup polls are pointing that way.


In the past, the liberal mainstream media has led the conversation and voters have just followed behind like mindless shoe puppets. It’s refreshing to see real voices starting to step up against the political machine.

This is interesting because no matter what takes place or who states the polls are taken, Donald Trump just keeps growing. He holds 64% of the male vote and 54% of the female vote. If he can get close to those numbers from independents and republicans in the 12 so called battle ground states we are looking at a landslide.

According to Gallup:

GOP front-runner Donald Trump‘s net favorable rating among Republicans increased significantly over the past two weeks, putting him among the top six Republicans overall on this measure.

Senator Ted Cruz‘s image also improved, while Carly Fiorina‘s and Ben Carson‘s images remain significantly better than they were before the Aug. 6 debate. John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are among those whose images worsened.



There is a light at the end of the tunnel I guess but it’s still early and so many things can happen.

What do you think about the latest Gallup polls? Share your thoughts below in our comment section and add to your social media timeline and start a discussion.

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