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Gay America st mercy of Islam

Gay and Gunfree: New Boy Scouts’ Culture of Holocaust Denial

America is the gay Promised Land when you believe the decisions made at the Boy Scouts by Obama’s former Secretary Robert Gates regarding banning water guns and ushering in Gay Scout leaders. However, one cannot help but connect the dots in terms of a plot of emasculation of our society’s future military and leaders. These false “piecemeal” approaches are an underground messianism of political correctness, and tracing its origin and ferociously intolerant marriage terms demands is “difficult” for those whose character is blinded by the near equal ferocious greed for International “relationships”.

Seeing the decades of Soviet history manufacturing academic papers for College journalistic consumption, plagiarized by illiterates like Hillary, we can imagine that many find it powerful to promote emasculation propaganda in the US, through the like of Putin’s RTNews, while justifying Putin’s stance against gays.

In the words of Strategist JR Nyquist, Russia is activating genocidal misfits against submissive pre-holocaust America, ie. temporary tools:

white supremistsMy own research suggests that the Russians have been infiltrating the far Right in the United States, as well as the Left and Center… It is not simply that the Russians plan on supporting the blacks and the revolutionary Left. Would it surprise you to learn that Russia recently hosted a conference of white supremacists and pro-white intellectuals in St. Petersburg? …
In terms of Americans fighting Americans, Moscow has positioned itself to support either side. Anyone who plays this game is not serving their country, but serving the divide-and-conquer strategy of a hostile power. This is a game that also involves the old Nazi International…
While the NSA makes coloring books for children the KGB has been making Nazis from an old Russian recipe.


Hope and Change, your bells toll, not for a new age of peace, but as a very loud echo of screaming wounded zoo adult fawn in a forest surrounded by famished jackals and wolves. Respond if you feel moral and righteous in “impressing” “Hitler” by embracing gays, in disarmament holocaust denials, ready for the slaughter.

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