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George Lopez Just Called Tiger Woods A “White Dude” Because He Golfed With Donald Trump

George Lopez, who was supposed to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected is still here and still making insensitive racist jokes to further his failed career.

Hey TMZ, how did y’all find Lopez to interview anyway? Thought he was leaving the country because he doesn’t like President-elect Donald Trump. And besides that, who cares what a foul-mouthed, washed up comedian thinks?

Guys like Lopez are racists who use comedy as a way to spew his hate of non-Hispanics. He gets these idiots to laugh at his jokes about “white people” and in reality it’s not a joke. Ignore the little man and he will eventually go away.

Takeaways from TMZ Video:

“Listen, all golfers are Republicans,” Lopez said. “Everybody knows that.”

“So Tiger’s a Republican and Tiger voted for Trump,” he said. “You know, you vote for Trump, that would be your dude that you want to golf with. I didn’t vote for him so I wouldn’t golf with him.”

“cheated like a motherfu**er.”


Says the guy whose wife gave him one of her kidneys, and then he divorced her. Quite a few Spanish words come to mind, “pendejo” being the most polite one.

So do we take George’s racist comment about Tiger Woods being seemingly “white” because why he is at the top of his game? Plays golf with a white guy? Doesn’t call other blacks the ‘N’ word? I for one would like an explanation as to just exactly what this idiot means by his comment! Is he calling Tiger a sellout to whites?

This, folks, is pure racism and the absolute HATE in these people’s souls is strong and so dark that they can’t see past it anymore. Their light in their souls is gone.

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