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The Kronies

Get Kronies. Get Konnected!

Wanna compete? You’ll be rejected. Get the Kronies. They’re Konnected!

Friends on Facebook brought this brilliant anti-cronyism campaign to my attention. Remember the action-packed, frenetic commercials for action figures like G.I. Joe or The Transformers? Well someone has produced one for “The Kronies” that is an entertaining yet scathing critique of cronyism between big government and big business. More importantly it is produced in a way to reach people where they are culturally. A lot of younger, low-interest voters will watch the non-partisan ad for it’s nostalgic feel but they will get an education in the process.


The production quality of this parody commercial matches that of the commercials you remember from your childhood. Someone spent some serious coin making this thing. As someone who makes videos myself I naturally wanted to know who put this thing out and only discovered that the campaign was more brilliant than I had originally thought. Following the breadcrumbs takes you not to the website of a political activist group but to an authentic looking website for marketing the Kronies action figures.

The site gives you a full rundown on all The Kronies including: Kaptain Korn (big agriculture),  Ariel Stryker (big defense), Bankor (big Wall Street), Parts & Labor (big labor), and the leader, of course, is Big G (big government). The Kronies fight against the entrepreneurs and small businesses who threaten to cut into their profits.

At this point I still expected to see a link to a PAC or some sort of activist group but the campaign goes even deeper. The fine print at the bottom of the web site takes you to the hope page of the company who manufactures The Kronies, Chimera Global Holdings. Chimera’s web site tells us that they have worked with Washington to become “too big to fail” and paints a detailed picture of a massive corporation in bed with officials in the highest level of government. Chimera Global Holdings is fleshed out completely with a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We’re going to hear more from Chimera Global Holdings and The Kronies.

About Jim Jamitis

Jim Jamitis is a blogger and creative consultant who works primarily for conservative clients and causes doing graphic design, web design, web and social media strategy, and video production.

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