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GET OUT! Clinton Said She Couldn’t “Recall” 39 Times During FBI Meeting

Hillary Clinton, she couldn’t “recall” 39 times when answering questions from the FBI. How many of you believe that crap? So when she was afflicted with this dementia, was Huma Abedin the person who actually managed the US State Department?

How is Hillary qualified to become president? She might forget to press the reset button with Russia. It’s amusing how both her and her husband have been paid over $20 million for both their memoirs, yet neither one of them can remember anything under oath.

And to a point, I thought she resigned at the end of Obama’s first term (Dec 2012), so a concussion suffered that month would have had little to do with everything she did before that. Also, the important security briefings would have been the ones she received at the beginning of her term in office, not at the end.

OMG! If the fact that she is a chronic liar isn’t enough, the fact she is also a scatter brain with severe mental issues should be enough to disqualify her as a Presidential candidate. This is not a person who should be entrusted with the health and welfare of 300 million people.

These trust issues with her can’t be ignored or downplayed. She has surrounded herself with people who are also questionable and can’t be trusted either.

The bottom line is the Democrats made a terrible choice when they chose her as their choice, and now it is our duty as voters to deny her the prestigious position as President. The risks are just too high and could put this country in danger.

So here is a person who wants to be president, imagine an international crisis she has been briefed on for weeks leading up to the crisis. Then when it’s time to pull the trigger and make a decision her answer is “I don’t recall.” Can someone brief me on the situation? Seconds later you hear a loud explosion in the distance and then see a mushroom cloud. Her next statement is: “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Can she remember check deposits to the Clinton “Foundation?”

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