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Giant American Sex Sculpture in Paris: Liberal Puritan American Gift for Statue of Liberty


While Pamella Geller is getting pilloried for speaking up about Islam and making Mohammed art, a liberal PC approach to offending Islam has gotten little coverage in the news. In Paris, artist Paul McCarthy displayed an inflatable green sculpture in the shape of an anal plug vibrator, calling it Christmas Tree.image

After realizing what it really was, Muslims came by and damaged the sculpture in an attempt to destroy it. The reaction from the left was all the more ambiguous and hypocritical, saying they only saw a christmas tree there, nothing sexual, but (BUT!) that it was freedom of expression to display such objects. Furthermore the left did not say it was Muslims who attacked it, and thus the left attempted to wash itself of political guilt of offending Muslims or of ever being in dispute with them.

imageAs a result the left is trying to sneak the political guilt for offending or raping the eyes of Muslims in the camp of conservatives again, in our backyards, war mongering people against each other, inviting war on Western soil. The left simply does not want to own up to meek schemes and war provocations like this. This is the back stabbing type stuff the left really enjoys playing with.

The question is whether the left is practicing free speech and promoting resilience the way Pamella Geller is advocating (learning from offensive speech), or if it promotes really “sneak-speech”, which is not free speech at all, but a form of repression of speech that feels good.

Thus the issue is not whether that sculpture was imposing and offensive, that is another subject, but it is the lies and hypocrisy in calling it Christmas Tree, associating it with Christianity. Frankly, sneak speech should not hide behind free speech, ie. you should not hide what you say behind what someone else has said differently. There is a fine line between free speech and using the speeches of others to orient the consequences of what you say, and blaming someone else like Pamela Geller for what you say or enjoy doing politicallyimage. It is not free speech, it is false witness and libel, and this is what political correctness “privacy” is all about. Instead of owning up to speech and being happy to be able to express about a sex toy, you simply say it is a Christmas Tree and instead attack Pamela Geller for being obvious and “stupid”. In other words you attack people for speaking up about sex ( spoiling it openly instead of discreetly like a good coward hypocrite puritan), waiting for government, the Church of the Crucible, or some empowered Islam to protect your special speech. This is folly. While Abidgail was called a lamb by the hypocrite Puritan judge, islam will not.image

Lying or hypocrisy about a sculpture has turned Political Correctness into a tool of attack and denunciation of innocent children to the enemies, selling out the country. Political and intellectual cowardice is the norm of chaos in America nowadays, but the left is not the only one practicing it.

Tell us if the rise of illegals, barbarians at the gates, greed and foreign threats will yield to such unravelling of responsible maintnance of the nation’s integrity and freedoms.

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