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GIANT KILLER! Dave Brat Upsets Establishment defeating Eric Cantor in VA Primary

I hope this is a sign of things to come for the GOP.

It is time to “clean house” and senate of all the RINO’s like Cantor and Boo-Hoo Boehner.  They have done nothing for the American people.  All they want to do is compromise with Obama, as he destroys the nation.

If people who truly love this country will support conservative candidates by contributing the cost of just one or two meals in a good restaurant, we can turn this country around.  Support candidates who will send the illegals home, secure the borders, cut welfare to freeloaders, balance budget and more!

So who is Dave Brat, and how did he pull off such a stunning win?

The 49-year-old teaches at Randolph-Macon College, a small liberal arts school north of Richmond. He raised just over $200,000 for his campaign, while Cantor spent more than $1 million in April and May alone to try to beat back his challenge.

However, Brat offset the cash disadvantage with endorsements from conservative activists like radio host Laura Ingraham and with help from local Tea Party activists angry at Cantor.

Brat cast the congressman as a Washington insider who isn’t conservative enough. Last month, a feisty crowd of Brat supporters booed Cantor in front of his family at a local party convention.

Brat received his doctorate from American University, his master’s from Princeton Theological Seminary and his bachelor’s from Hope College. In addition to teaching, he has served on the state Joint Advisory Board of Economists and served as the president of the Virginia Association of Economists.

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