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Gingrich backs Trump on Quds force foreign policy ‘gotcha’ question: “This is not presidential stuff”

Former 2012 Presidential candidate, former speaker Newt Gingrich was a popular candidate because he didn’t allow the media to walk all over him during the question and answer sessions. Gingrich picked up a lot of early support in the campaign because it seemed as if he spoke the people’s language and he really cared more about taking it to the DC echo chamber without giving prisoners quarter.

Gingrich joined Meet the Press Sunday morning and was asked about Donald Trump’s interview with Hugh Hewitt and the Quds forces. Check out a few of the takeaways from today’s appearance on Meet The Press:

“No national leader know anything about the head of Quds force, in so they may have memorized the name, they don’t know what school he went to, They don’t know what faction he belongs to, they don’t whether or not he was in Moscow recently, I mean this is not presidential stuff,” said the former Speaker.

“He’s going to hire a Secretary of State, he’s going to hire a Nationa Security Advisor, he’s going to have a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and he’s going to have a Secretary of Defense..the real question is what would you do about them?”

As with all candidates except for Barack Obama, they will hire the best person possible to know these things and report to them so they can make an informed decision. I trust Newt on this one.

H/T – Face the Nation on CBS

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