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Gingrich Blisters Clinton! She Was Wrong on Brexit, Libya and Russia Reset [VIDEO]

This was so good I could keep watching it over and over again.

Former Speaker Of the House Newt Gingrich was on his game earlier today as a Fox News guest. The way he takes down Hillary Clinton is a template for anyone else running for a seat this election cycle.

She was wrong on Brexit, she was wrong on Libya, she was wrong on the ‘reset’ with Russia. I mean, what has she been right about?

If Hillary Clinton leads this nation’s foreign policy, where does that lead our country? Even a blind man can see her failures and who knows what colossal mistake she will make with another four years. Terrorists are already in the nation taking innocent lives. There is a need for change, AND Hillary is NOT the answer!

My argument against her is she would sell all of us out to protect herself and her money. She wants to allow Muslims to here unchecked and unfiltered. Sharia law does not respect women she will not help in the fight against Isis because of that but also she has shown herself to be a sympathizer which makes a weak position for any President to be in. We need strength and a love for America that’s what #Trump2016 has to offer!

Knowledge is Power! Perhaps those wishing to vote for this criminal Hillary should educate themselves about this pathetic threat to the United States!

Interesting how Newt was able to harness Chris Wallace in this interview, unlike the handling of Robby the Campaign Manager by Chris in the same show.

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