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Gingrich: If you’re not for Donald Trump, you are functionally helping Hillary Clinton

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has had enough! I am starting to round the turn to his thinking. It’s been two weeks since Indiana and most of us thought voters needed time to grieve their candidate’s loss before joining to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. According to the #NeverTrump crowd, not only are they talking about not voting, some are publicly stating they will vote for Clinton. Can you believe this?

Donald Trump might not be a pure conservative as most want him to be but he’s way better than Clinton and he’s on our side. He’s been fighting along with us for a while now, and this group will not stop going after him allowing Hillary to have the advantage.

Gingrich hit the nail on the head with this interview:

From The Hill:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Sunday that Republicans must choose between helping their presumptive nominee Donald Trump or supporting Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

In a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, the former Speaker was asked about Ted Cruz flirting with the idea of restarting his presidential campaign.

“I mean I just think — I don’t know what Ted was thinking of,” Gingrich said. “To me it’s pretty clear that this is over. Trump is the nominee, that’s why I disagreed with Paul Ryan. I thought that the moment to say, ‘OK, we have the leader of the team, let’s pull the team together, let’s go beat Hillary,’ has arrived.”

“You’re either for Hillary Clinton or you’re for Donald Trump. If you’re not for Donald Trump, you are functionally helping Hillary Clinton. I think it’s just that straightforward.”

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