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Gingrich on Clinton: She Lies About Lying And Now She Lies About Having Lied About Lying

Lying. It’s a pattern Hillary Clinton has lived with all her life. She can’t break it because everything sounds good to her when she lies. She sells this stuff to her voters that believe her, so she will keep on lying for getting their vote. Hope some wake up to it all.

Hillary is only there because she wants to make people believe that she is for them, she’s not. She will lie, cheat and steal to get her way and even have people killed so they cannot testify against her and reveal her true self and her corruption.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich on Fox and Friends said it best during his interview segment:

I just don’t get how people still are even thinking about voting for her. After she lies every time her mouth opens and looking at ALL she and her husband has done to steal, lie, cheat, manipulate, lie, lie and more lies, oh and let’s not forget to add MURDER. I don’t get it!!! People open your eyes and ears!! If you truly think she is a better candidate for POTUS then apparently you need a brain scan.

These politicians are experts in lying. It is incredible how they try to convince educated individuals that what they heard was an illusion. Even though it did happen they can look at you in the eye and say it did not happen. Tired of their BS. They need to be all rounded up and put in prison to show the rest of them that’s what is going to happen when you lie to the American people who they work for.

She will continue to get away with murder and corruption because the brain dead and lazy liberals are kept in the dark by the corrupt news media that does their actual thinking for them.

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