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Glenn Beck: Dealing with Trump supporters is like walking into Ferguson, Baltimore

We all know that The Blaze’s Glenn Beck is going to do some financial difficulty with his media network. We don’t know to what extent by through news stories, things are happening behind-the-scenes, people are leaving so this is not new news.

So I’m watching this video below, I was beginning to think this was a fund raising attempt as he is disclosing that his media world is under attack. But in describing Donald Trump’s support and followers, he went too far again.

From Right Wing Watch:

“The Trump supporters, they’re Brownshirts,” Beck said. “I’ve never witnessed anything like I saw today, it was just, it was grotesque and sad that Americans … It’s like these people are treating people like Obama supporters treated us, just the worst of the worst Obama supporters. It was like walking into Ferguson or walking into Baltimore. There’s no reason, there’s no common decency, there’s nothing. It’s just bizarre.”

Check out some of the response from those who didn’t agree with Beck’s analysis?

Why in the hell did Glenn Beck have to go there? Look, we all work through our issues on a daily basis. We go through trials and tribulations that other people don’t know anything about, But we don’t go to social media, or go to the TV networks blaming other people.

Beck is a particular type of case, and sometimes I do wonder what is going on with him while other times I do pray for him, yes I do pray for him. I think he’s on the verge of losing it When I say that I do mean mentally.

What do you think of this video that you just watch? Share your opinions below in the comment section. Do you think Beck went too far or is he home point with his analysis?

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