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Glenn Beck offers to host GOP debate on The Blaze; do you approve?

Let me be clear on this subject, there should be a few conservative-led debates for the GOP candidates, we all agree. The Blaze’s Glenn Beck is trying to position himself to host one on his network.

He also wants to moderate it, which most would agree if it’s on his network, he gets to do what he wants.

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I have a small problem with this, just a tiny one. Glenn is biased against some candidates. It’s well known he doesn’t like Donald Trump. He doesn’t speak highly of Ben Carson if at all, both are considered outsiders during this candidate season.

Beck supports Marco Rubio to a certain extent, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina.

Americans want real questions answered on things such as how to stop illegal immigration, which Beck has already said he would go to jail to “smuggle” in Syrian Christians that he will be able to mean test to see if they are criminals before they get here.

TheBlaze reported writes that Beck would make for a good moderator because he is a “fair reviewer,” though this in itself might not be a fair review considering the publication is owned and operated by The Blaze Inc., a private company founded in 2011 by none other than Glenn Beck.

Watch this report:

Some of his supporters might be blinded to see these things, but these are the facts. I am not making up any of this. I would never say Beck shouldn’t moderate a debate hosted on his network, but I would say allow Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin the opportunity to sit on the panel so you have a wide range of questions instead of what Beck would do.

I am not going to say Beck is worse than the liberal media, but he’s played his hand and people know who he likes. It wouldn’t be fair in my opinion.

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