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#GoingGalt: Talking with Jason Lewis

On July 31st, radio host Jason Lewis in Minnesota made waves when he suddenly quit on air. Or as he puts it, he went Galt. For anyone not familiar, going Galt is in reference to John Galt from Ayn Rand’s most successful novel, Atlas Shrugged. In the book, the nation’s industry leaders, fed up with being vilified and scapegoated by the media and politicians, go on strike. More precisely, they shut down their businesses and disappear. Imagine today if one-by-one economic leaders around the country dismantled their companies overnight, all in protest of confiscatory taxation, restrictive regulation, and cultural villainization.

This is how it went down:


Simply put, he believes the time for discussion is over and he needs to put his (literal) money where his mouth is. Mr. Lewis did not just quit his show. He’s been driven to start Galt.IO, an invite-only Galt’s Gulch for the digital era as well as a political idea exchange.

He was gracious enough to spend a few minutes of his time, however, to answer a few questions for yours truly. Some highlights:

I was frustrated with over half my income going to the government in one form or another so I just, I got fed up and said you can build it yourself. You don’t think we build these things, you build it yourself and see how that works for you.”

It’s the Left imposing their perverse morality on the rest of the country, that somehow we’re supposed to live for the collective and not for ourselves. That pursuit of our happiness is a bad idea and it should be the entire village.”

One of the reasons I decided to finally go Galt is because you can preach until you’re blue in the face to 35% of the country and it’s not doing any good because they’re just committed socialists. You can’t reason with them. You can’t persuade them. They are irredeemable.

Mr. Lewis is also encouraging liberty minded individuals to begin doing the same. The idea is to “starve the beast” that is big government.

Here is the brief interview in its entirety:

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