Aren’t you tired of the “gone from bad to worse” divide in the two party system? How about the gaping chasm between conservatives and the GOP establishment? Time for a totally new perspective if we hope to have any success in 2016.

I hear some say we need a new name. Guess what? It matters little what you call yourself in this volatile political atmosphere. If you lean anywhere right, you’ve probably been maligned by one or more of the following: an extremist, a tea bagger, a right-winger, a racist, a domestic terrorist, a fear-monger, a conspiracy theorist, an Uncle Tom, a sellout, a loon, an out-of-touch, a neo-con, a homophobe, an islamophobe, an isolationist, a war-monger, a Jesus-freak, a Jew-lover, woman-hater, wife beater or child abuser. Not to mention the unspeakable terms we can’t and won’t publish. Their name calling is endless but by now it’s come to be expected by the intolerant tolerant left.

What was somewhat a shock to our core was the blatant assault coming from the Republican establishment this week during the Mississippi runoff. It’s no secret that the stalwart GOP members have had the tea party in their crosshairs for a while now. It was just last fall Mitch McConnell said he wanted to “punch us in the nose” and Karl Rove hasn’t been our friend, in like, ever. But with some state primaries already over this spring, tea party republicans have willingly licked their wounds and vowed to tow the party line for the simple fact that we have been conditioned to believe we needed a senate win in November. But is it really a win? Mitch McConnell would probably be majority leader, and he just wants to beat conservatives up. Impeachment is never going to happen, let’s get over that notion right now. With the required 67 votes to remove a president from office, it will never happen in the next Senate class.

Short of Eric Cantor’s loss to Dave Brat, what have conservatives gained this time around? Albeit historic, his loss still didn’t gain a conservative to the House leadership. That would be a travesty!! Instead, next in line McCarthy took to the helm. Conservatives did win the Nebraska primary with Ben Sasse as well as David Jolly in Florida. So, that’s three!! Yippee!

Looks like conservatives can be defined this season as a Jolly-Sasse-Brat. So much for the second midterm shellacking.

Isn’t it time to ditch our differing factions that seem to be fodder for the leftist media? George Washington’s warning against political factions did not just mean republican versus democrat, but also tea party versus libertarian or tea party versus establishment ad nauseam.

Picking a winnable candidate doesn’t even work for the highly expensive architect el extraordinaire Karl Rove, how can we think it would work for us? Short of summoning my inner Rodney King, can’t we all on the right just get along? Concentrate on our similar goals: smaller government, boost the economy, secure the border.

As far as picking winners, it’s time to know thy candidate. Be a Joe the Plumber. Talk to them, demand access, demand answers, watch their votes, and take ownership of your vote, time and allegiance. Be responsible for this future of ours. Politicians are insulated only because we have allowed them to be. I nearly fell over hearing of Cantor’s steak house budget during his campaign. It was nearly as much as David Brat spent on his entire campaign. This royalty mentality, this mighty oligarchy must be removed. It can happen when We the People are loud enough to be heard.

Strategy? I’m going unaffiliated and I invite you to join me. It’s hard to leave the party of role models like Reagan and Goldwater, but the time has now come. Drop the titles, let’s just be Americans! Splash your faces, pick up your gloves, let’s get back in the ring! We’ve got work to do!


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