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Google Under Fire For Leading Viewers To Fake News Election Website; They Respond!

Lesson for all of you should be – DO NOT RETWEET OR SHARE EVERYTHING YOU SEE!!

While one may argue that it’s never too late, I truly believe that both Facebook and Google should’ve put a stop to that madness long ago! Very early on in the election cycle I started to notice so many bogus sites, with all sorts of self-explanatory names spewing all sorts of ridiculous, altered, inaccurate, fake stories all over the net and I just always knew that they were going to be very problematic and intoxicating to a big vulnerable portion of the electorate

I guess the results speak for themselves. There were times that even some of the people with a higher education, and whom should as a result have better discernment capacities were sharing these non-vetted fabrications!

Do I welcome the crackdown, sure I do! But how far will it go? You know what they say about absolute power.

From LA Times:

Google’s search engine highlighted an inaccurate story claiming that President-elect Donald Trump won the popular vote in last week’s election, the latest example of bogus information spread by the Internet’s gatekeepers. Even as that story continued appearing high up in its search results, however, Google announced a move to punish purveyors of fake news.

The incorrect election results were shown Monday in a 2-day-old story posted on the pro-Trump website 70 News. A link to the site appeared at or near the top of Google’s influential rankings of relevant news stories for searches on the final election results.

Google acknowledged that its search engine misfired. “In this case we clearly didn’t get it right, but we are continually working to improve our algorithms,” the company said in a statement.

As of Monday afternoon, the link to the 70 News story — which had the misinformation in both its headline and the body of the text — remained prominent in Google’s search results.

Bad information in an online headline or at the top of a story can be particularly damaging. Roughly 53% of the people who land on a Web page stay for 15 seconds or less, according to online analytics firm Chartbeat.

It’s amazing what people will accept as truth when they read something that aligns with their beliefs. No fact checking required. I believe the majority of “news” is manipulative. We are fed what the media determines we ‘need’ in ways that serve their agenda. Neutral, unbiased information is a thing of the past.

Sorry Zuckerberg, but some of those fake news sites posted some of the most blatant lies, and while I do not hold you responsible for the way people think or their lack of wanting the facts, or the lack of confidence in any news source, the fact remains. Some of that bag of lies fake news, in a small way, got us where we are today. Hold these fake news wannabe’s accountable, or at least help shut them down!

This is our future. Credible news sources being questioned by people who read news from a source that has no primary source. Soon, the Earth will be flat, the sky will be red, and gravity will be a conspiracy. As a student of history, this is a frightening time. Truly terrifying.

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