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GOP Candidate Donald Trump Talks Combating Terrorism – Great Segment!

If you didn’t get to listen to GOP Nominee Donald Trump Foreign Policy speech he laid out a lot of red meat the liberals will pick at until there is no more meat on the bone. One statement that will pick up support from many Americans is creating a system to vet immigrants more thoroughly, entering our system from overseas.

Why don’t Americans understand the following issues:

  • Allowing illegal immigrants to stay takes jobs away from America’s poorest citizens and job competition lowers their wages.
  • Allowing illegals to stay means they suck up social services funds that should go to struggling American citizens.
  • Allowing illegals to stay floods our hospitals with people seeking free medical care making medical care more expensive for all citizens.
  • Allowing illegals to stay increases population which increases pollution and urban sprawl. (just look at LA)
  • Allowing illegals to stay floods our schools with their spawn taking resources meant for our kids’ education.
  • Allowing illegals to stay helps businesses to operate with cheap non-union labor.

So why do Liberals support amnesty when it hurts most of the people and issues they support? Here’s another statement by Trump:

“We should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people.”

How does anyone have a problem with this viewpoint? Please tell me the racism that is in that statement.

This is a common sense statement. But liberals somehow will find it racist because Trump is not willing to welcome people who believe in burning the American flag, committing Jihad and all sorts of ISIS propaganda.

They can call me all they want; I wouldn’t welcome those people into my country either. Pacifist and conservative Muslims, yes. But not radical extremists. It’s common sense.

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