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GOP candidates use social media to question each other before debate night! Check out these videos!

Call it unique! Call it a super hit! Call it initiative.

These Republican candidates aren’t waiting for Thursday night on Fox News, they are taking it upon themselves to use social media and play to their strengths and show each other’s weaknesses through these video questions to each other.

A couple of them are at the bottom of the polls nationally but that isn’t stopping them from telling America what they have been able to do and what steps they took to get the job done. There will be more of these and they will spread like wildfire as the candidates have moved the bar in communicating through facebook and twitter to each other.

Four candidates Sen. Lindsey Graham, Governor Mike Huckabee, Businessman Donald Trump and Businesswoman Carly Fiorina jump at this chance and are making the most of it.

Reminder, the first debate will be held at 5pm ET on Fox News which is being called the “undercard,” and that will feature at least six if not seven candidates while the top 10 will debate at 9pm ET on the same network.

Check out these video questions:

Donald Trump:

Trump is polling #1 nationally and has doubled up the field in a few of the early states. He’s been attacks and has returned the favor in a more harsher tone which some of the media and establishment was not ready for and called foul. His question to the candidates ➡ “How are you going to make America great again?”

Carly Fiorina:

Fiorina has been hitting Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner harder on his missteps and continue non-transparency and noticed her counterparts really haven’t touched the surface in calling out the former Secretary of State. Her question is ➡ “In early February of this year I challenged Mrs. Clinton to name an accomplishment, she hasn’t been able to name one yet. How would each of you challenge Mrs. Clinton?”

Lindsey Graham:

Many of us know Graham is a military guy and some say a warhawk along with John McCain. He knows how to do things with the military and he thinks we would be a lot better if we used force to settle the scores. His question to GOP candidates is ➡ “Tell me how you would degrade and destroy ISIL without American ground forces?”

Mike Huckabee:

Huckabee has been in the news lately about slamming Barack Obama on the unpopular Iran deal but he decided to take this up a notch in questioning the field about the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. Check it out ➡“Do you believe that the recent ruling on same sex marriage is the law of the land?”

How do you feel about this type of format by the candidates? Do you like it? Do you think they will respond over social media or will they wait until debate night?

Leave us your thoughts below in our comment section and share this with your friends and family.

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