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GOP Debate: Donald Trump once again publicly commits to running as Republican; no third party

Honestly, why does it feel the Republican establishment has to continue to put the GOP frontrunner in a box so they can do whatever they want, but they don’t expect him to respond to their shenanigans?

When moderator Hugh Hewitt asked Trump during the CNN Republican debate if he was “ready to reassure Republicans you will run as a Republican and abide by the decision of Republicans,” Trump replied:

“I really am, I’ll be honest.” Trump said he has “gained great respect for the Republican leadership, gained great respect for the many — and I’m even going to say all, in different forms — people on the dais.”

Trump also said he’s “very honored to be the frontrunner,” and if he is “so fortunate to be chosen” as the nominee, he will do “everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton.

Now let’s see what the party throws at him and if he feels justified to go back on that when they do:

What do you think of Trump’s announcement? Should he have given a clear cut statement during last night’s debate?

h/t  – CNN Youtube

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