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GOP debate is near! Fox News to announce Top 10 and all signs point to this person missing the cut!

As the deadline to make the cut for the first official GOP Presidential Debate draws near, Donald Trump is surging in three new national polls.

Trump leads his GOP rivals by a staggering 19 points in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll. Trump gets 30% of the GOP vote, with his nearest rival being Jeb Bush at 11%.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll just out has it much closer, with Trump at 19%, followed by Scott Walker at 15% and Jeb Bush at 14%. But Trump is surging in the poll when you consider the same poll found Trump at only 1% in mid-June.

A Gravis/One America News Now poll echoes the Reuters/Ipsos poll, finding Trump at 31%, with Scott Walker and Jeb Bush the nearest rivals at 13%.

Trump now leads the National Average of polls by 11.5 points.

Fox News will announce tomorrow evening which ten GOP Candidates will make the cut for Thursday’s Presidential Debate in Cleveland. No one knows which five polls they will use to make their decision. But right now, looking at all the polling, it appears the ten will be: Trump, Walker, Bush, Carson, Huckabee, Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Kasich, and Christie.

Rick Perry is the odd man out right now, trailing Christie by 0.9 and Kasich by 1.2 points in our National Average. There will be more polls released today and tomorrow, and they could certainly impact that final slot. But the trend is positive for Kasich right now. If Perry sneaks into the top ten, it will likely be because Chris Christie falls out. Christie’s trend is not good right now. We’ll see how it shakes out.

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