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GOP Debate: Rand Paul knew he had Marco Rubio in a corner when this happened!

GOP candidate Rand Paul took on his Senate colleague Marco Rubio and it was one of the toughest shots Rubio took all night. It was so good, Rubio had to smile to compose himself to answer.

“He is the one for an open border that is leaving us defenseless,” Paul said during the Republican presidential debate. “Marco has more of an allegiance to Chuck Schumer and to the liberals than he does to conservative policy.”

After that initial intro, Rubio argued that he opposed a bill that would’ve blocked tourism indiscriminately rather than focusing on security threats and he accused Paul of opposing tools for the intelligence community to root out terrorism.

One thing however, Rubio didn’t address the Schumer connection that will continue to play out as they get closer to the primaries. It was a solid exchange but one I have to give to Paul as he was the instigator and led the conversation while Rubio danced at the end.

Oh yeah, Chris Christie saw an opening, saying that “nobody cares” about the bickering between senators who are “one of a hundred.”

What do you think of this great exchange between both Senators? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

h/t – CNN Youtube

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