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GOP establishment is running shadow campaign through Cruz to stop Donald Trump

Maybe Sen. Ted Cruz and his followers believe the establishment hates them more than the front-runner Donald Trump, and if you or I were running for office, and planted in his shoes, we would think the same way. However, that’s not the case.

Sen. Lindsey Graham , Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, and factions of the Republican establishment have signed on to a man they “hate” to defeat a man they hate less? The writing is on the wall, and the powers that be are pulling for Cruz just to get to the OPEN convention everyone is talking about, then it’s a new game. Cruz believes the rules in place will stick, and only he and Trump will be on the ballot for the 2nd round.

Those rules were from 2012 and are not permanent. Even the Trump campaign is waving the notification flag the establishment is running their shadow campaign through Cruz, and he doesn’t know it.


From Fox News:

The Trump campaign, reeling from a tough loss in Wisconsin, is moving to discourage anybody considering getting on the Ted Cruz train – by sounding the alarm that the GOP establishment is only using him to get to an open convention.

The campaign unleashed the tough new line of attack against his Republican presidential primary opponent Tuesday after the Texas senator’s big Midwestern victory.

“Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet – he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump,” the statement said.

Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended the statement on an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, saying the so-called establishment has no intention of supporting Cruz at the convention — suggesting the goal is only to use him to hold back Trump and force a floor fight, and then back somebody else.

“Their loyalty is not with Senator Cruz. However Senator Cruz has now made himself that Trojan horse to push this to a contested convention,” Pierson said. “This is going to be a very serious problem if Senator Cruz continues to go down this path, and then neither Trump or Cruz becomes the nominee.”

Apparently Cruz is still suffering from delusions of adequacy. He is being used to stop Trump so that the GOP can pick someone who has a chance against the Dems. We might be witnessing the final destruction of the GOP or the Tea Party. Only one will survive

Here’s my advice to Trump, he had better learn a lesson from this and tone down the childish slights he can’t seem to control. If he can do that, then I believe he can get past Wisconsin and get back up to speed but if not the establishment is going to succeed in derailing him and he’ll be helping them do it.

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h/t – Fox News

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