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BREAKING! VA GOP Sues Dem Governor Over Allowing 200K+ Felons Voting Rights

Our government has let Barack Obama do anything he wants to the American people so others now they can do the same thing because not one person can keep an oath.

Using executive orders to make dramatic changes in law needs to be challenged in the courts if we are going to have separation of power. Congress should also follow this example at the federal level. The executive branch is assuming too much control.

The Virginia GOP has decided to grow a pair and fight Governor Terry McAuliffe on restoring over 200K felons voting rights by executive order. I am glad they have taken this up and made it a national issue!

From Washington Post:

Leaders of Virginia’s House and Senate went to the state’s highest court Monday in a bid to reverse Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s sweeping order to restore voting rights to 206,000 felons.

Skipping lower courts, they filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of Virginia, contending that McAuliffe (D) exceeded his authority in April when he restored voting rights to felons en masse instead of individually.

The lawsuit — bankrolled by private donors — presents a complex constitutional question with the urgency of presidential election-year politics. Republicans are seeking an expedited review so that reinstated ex-cons who have registered to vote can be stripped from the rolls before November.

Virginia governors have restored felons’ voting rights, but none with anything close to McAuliffe’s scale and speed.

McAuliffe blasted the lawsuit, suggesting that Republicans were trying to hold onto a remnant of the Jim Crow era since African Americans have been disproportionately affected by felon disenfranchisement. One in four African Americans in Virginia had been banned from voting because of laws restricting the rights of those with convictions.

I find it difficult to conceive that one individual would have blanket authority. Individually no, but blanket authorization should be reserved for the legislature as they are the body that passed the laws that denied the right to vote to felons.

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h/t – Washington Post

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