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GOP front-runner Trump has new foreign policy slogan – “America First”

Well, you can’t go wrong with that no matter who you are.

One thing about GOP front-runner Donald Trump, he can brand damn near anything and behind that brand comes action. You don’t create something to let it fail. Trump’s experience, for the most part, has been successful because he doesn’t enjoy failure. Many Americans who have voted for him agree and want this for America’s future.

This movement is not about political party; it’s about America and Trump’s new motto for this resurgence is “America First.”

From TheHill:

Donald Trump finally has a name for his brand of foreign policy, a fusion of business tactics and strategies the thinks will restore America to its former glory: “America First.”

“I’m not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,’” Trump said in an interview with The New York Times released Saturday. “We have been disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for many, many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher,” he said, going back to his “Apprentice” roots and demanding the U.S. make better deals with its allies.

“So America first, yes, we will not be ripped off anymore. We’re going to be friendly with everybody, but we’re not going to be taken advantage of by anybody,” Trump said.

Trump’s slogan is a far cry from Obama’s administration of pain, heartache and man apology tours. It’s time to rebuild America again, and we need someone with big ideas and a larger vision of how to get it done. Experience means so much, and America can’t afford to put it’s hope in someone that doesn’t have the working experience pulled by political strings. We’ve done that already, and it doesn’t work.

What do you think about this idea and what are your thoughts? Share your comments (below) and let us know what you want for the future of America.

h/t – The Hill

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