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GOP front-runnerTrump skipping Fox News debate; will attend scheduled American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference

Again Donald Trump takes the courageous and intelligent stand and it’s a great idea!

We all know what each candidate thinks and their stated positions. This debate is simply a reason to bash Mr. Trump and help the fund the coffers of FOX. I watched more of CNN’s coverage than I did of FOX’s election returns last night. (First time in a very long time) They were more fair to Mr. Trump and had a Trump supporter on their panel for most of the night. (Still unbalanced, many more Dims than Republicans) FOX, on the other hand, had nothing but Trump bashers on their panels! They are losing their audience……

From The Washington Examiner:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump confirmed Wednesday that he would not be attending the last GOP debate on Monday in Utah, citing a prior commitment to speak before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference that day.

Trump made the news official during an appearance on “Fox and Friends,” telling host Steve Doocy that he would not be there on Monday, and adding that “we’ve had enough debates.”

“Mr. Trump, are you going to be at the Fox News debate on March 21st?” Doocy asked Trump.

“You know, I’ll be honest, nobody even told me about it,” Trump said. “Nobody told me about the debates, and as you saw, the last debate on CNN was the last debate. That was going to be it.”

“I’m doing a major speech … that night,” Trump said, referring to the speech at AIPAC. “It was scheduled a while ago, and nobody told me there was going to be more debates.”

If Sen. Ted Cruz had the stones, he would skip it also and work on more face time with the American people, talking to them one on one.

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h/t – Washington Examiner

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