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GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz fed up with media playing Republicans against the Pope!

GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to speak for millions of conservative Republicans as the liberal media continues to force the narrative of splitting Republicans and the arrival of The Pope.

This has been seen time and time again as liberals trying to paint a picture of the Republicans against old people, blacks, gays and lesbians, women’s health and it’s up to standing warriors like Cruz and a few more to continue to hold the line to fight with us and for us.
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KELLY: Do you think there’s a reason why the media is trying to draw some sort – draw this as some sort of rift between the Republicans running for office – all of them and the Holy Father?

REPUBLICAN SENATOR TED CRUZ (Tex.): Oh, of course there is. You know, it’s great to be with you, Megyn, you know, look. The mainstream media – they are not fair and impartial observers. They are partisans, they are Obama’s number one protectors and they’re rooting for Hillary and you know, Pope Francis has been an incredible voice for life. He’s been an incredible voice for marriage. He’s been an incredible voice for religious liberty and in all three of them, we are seeing an assault that is unprecedented in our history of our country. You know, the Democrats and the media don’t want to talk about the fact that today, Senate Democrats stood virtually united in support of late-term abortions. They don’t want to talk about these horrifying Planned Parenthood videos that show them selling the body parts of unborn children. They don’t want to talk about the assault on marriage that Pope Francis has stood up against and they certainly don’t address the continued assault on religious liberty.

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