GOP Stumbles With Hipster Outreach Video

This week the GOP released some online videos which aimed at the youth demographic. The ads show that the GOP really needs to go back to the drawing board.

The ads feature a scruffy Washington, DC hipster named Scott Greenburg, who is obviously reading from cue cards because he never looks into the camera. The viewer is left with the impression that this is a sketchy character who won’t look them in the eye.  He comes across as unlikeable and fake on camera which translates into the GOP looking unlikeable and fake.  The YouTube comments are brutal and while some are clearly from hyper-partisans who would slam anything the GOP produced but many of them are valid criticisms that I’m hearing from some on the GOP side.

As much as the left would like it to be otherwise, there are a lot of young articulate conservatives out there. The GOP couldn’t find one who could learn lines for a video? And how about finding someone in the real world instead of Washington, DC? The lack of effort put into this youth outreach piece is obvious and the people who it is supposed to engage can see it.

The GOP is failing when it comes to telling compelling stories. There actually are many talented story tellers on the right. Look at videos produced by The Libre Initiative or the films supported by The Moving Picture Institute. The talent is out there. The stories are out there. Lazy efforts like the Greenburg videos are counterproductive and hard to excuse. We must do better.

There are two videos featuring Greenburg. One is called “Paycheck” and the other is called “All of the Above.” They are about economic issues and energy policy respectively. Both are cringe-worthy.

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Jim Jamitis is a blogger and creative consultant who works primarily for conservative clients and causes doing graphic design, web design, web and social media strategy, and video production.

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