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Gov Christie sees blood in the water! Steps up attack on Rubio before NH primary voting today

Senator Marco Rubio is still smarting after that shellacking he took from Governor Chris Christie during the GOP debate last Saturday night. Maybe Rubio should have skipped the debate and told people he had a bill to vote on in the Senate that day.

Either way, Christie is not giving up on going after him to inform the American people, the young Senator is not ready for the White House top seat.

Christie joined Fox and Friends this morning in New Hampshire, and he continued to pound on Rubio, but it looks like Christie is very comfortable at getting it done.

From Fox News:

At least, I have a record. Senator Rubio will leave the United States Senate, and no one will ever know he was even there except that he cosponsored the Amnesty Bill with Chuck Schumer with his arm around Chuck Schumer, so the fact is, people in New Jersey know my record, and I’ve vetoed ridiculous gun control bills. I’ve lowered taxed, I’ve cut spending, I’ve cut the size of Government, I never donated to Planned Parenthood and by the way, the biggest attacker in this race has been Marco Rubio, he puts that little smile on his face and then he sends the Super PAC out to cut peoples’ throats. We don’t need another duplicitous Washington D.C. politician in the White House, we already have one, we don’t need another one. Marco needs to get some experience and when he does; maybe he can run for president again.

He’s a typical Washington drive by politician, no experience, but a lot of talking points that he just got from his op-research guys. Is there anything that Marco says that he doesn’t get from his staff?

‘Do you think it’s too much or is Christie on the mark in taking down Rubio?

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