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Gowdy Rips Apart Lois Lerner’s 5th Amendment Invocation

“If you honestly believe you can make 17 separate factual assertions and still invoke your right to remain silent, then please tell me what waiver is.” – Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has been known to get a little fired up during House hearings. Especially when he feels that the law is being subverted or misinterpreted. That’s exactly what he was concerned with yesterday after some Democrats argued that Lois Learner, former top official at the IRS, should not be required to testify because she chose to invoked her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

ALLAHPUNDIT explains it best,

“A defendant in a criminal trial can refuse to testify entirely or he can testify on his own behalf and then face cross-examination from the prosecution, but he can’t offer the jury his own story and then decline to answer questions from the other side. That’s exactly what Lerner did last year in her opening statement to the committee, says Gowdy.”

Watch Gowdy explain this during the hearing:

Do you think Lois Learner should be held in contempt? Comment with your thoughts below.

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