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Lindsey Graham: Syria’s Assad Making Mistake Telling Trump “F-U”

Sen. Lindsey Graham just showed the worst side of Republicans as this war hawk sounded bloodthirsty on Meet the Press.

This is the reason so many Trump supporters worry about the intel President Trump is getting from Graham and Sen. John McCain. Watching the video below and the fire that’s in Graham’s speech doesn’t sound anything like de-escalation.

Graham wants blood and he wants Trump to deliver it even though Trump didn’t campaign for this. America was back when we elected Trump so this notion the world has witnessed we were back because of a missile strike is bunk.

Source: IJR

Speaking to host Chuck Todd, Graham made the case that not only does the current Authorization of the Use of Military Force cover the most recent missile strike, but that it also allows the U.S. to send in ground troops to Syria, something he is calling for.

“We are on sound legal footing here,” Graham noted. “But our strategy is not yet developed.”

Todd then switched over to Syria’s apparent use of chemical weapons and if there is a “moral difference” between using them compared to “barrel bombs.”

Explaining that there really isn’t a difference if mothers and babies are still killed, the Republican lawmaker did point out that there is a treaty outlawing the use of chemical weapons. Graham then went on to say what President Donald Trump was conveying with the airstrike.

“I will say this — if you kill babies with conventional bombs it is still a moral outrage,” the senator stated. “Here’s what I think Assad is saying to Trump by flying from this space — F.U. And I think he’s making a serious mistake.”

He added, “If you don’t worry about what Trump may do on any given day you’re crazy!”

What do you think of Graham’s view? Do you support him? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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