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“Great One” Mark Levin just called out Carly Fiorina siding with SCOTUS and not citizen’s religious beliefs

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin said activist courts and justices like Justice Anthony Kennedy should be condemned, not a county clerk standing up for her religious beliefs during an interview with conservative Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday.

The radio conversation centered around a Christian County clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage license a few weeks ago. The U.S. Supreme Court came down with a decision that she had to provide the licenses and could not use her faith as a reason not to comply.

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said that while she disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage and realizes religious liberty must be defended, the fact that the clerk is a government employee makes a difference:

[W]hen you are a government employee, I think you take on a different role. When you are a government employee as opposed to say, an employee of another kind of organization, then in essence, you are agreeing to act as an arm of the government. And, while I disagree with this court’s decision, their actions are clear. And so I think in this particular case. This woman now needs to make a decision that’s conscious – is she prepared to continue to work for the government, be paid for by the government in which case she needs to execute the government’s will, or does she feel so strongly about this that she wants to sever her employment with the government and go seek employment elsewhere where her religious liberties would be paramount over her duties as – as government employee.

Levin had a problem with Fiorina and didn’t hold back when he spoke to Hewitt during his show:

“You know it’s amazing to me when the left stands up and they say they’re standing up on some moral principle, they’re not told ‘Do your job or quit,’” Levin said. “People rally around them. People stand up for them.”

“The Supreme Court has become a joke on these social issues,” he continued. “The Supreme Court has taken over…so-called social issues – what I call cultural issues in this country…”

Radio host Mark Levin speaks during the leadership forum at the National Rifle Association's annual convention Friday, April 25, 2014 in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)
Levin also said that Fiorina should be called out and questioned on her statement:

“I don’t think this lady’s religious beliefs are being protected,” he added. “Issue the licenses or quit. No – why shouldn’t you be able to hold a government job if those are your religious views, when there are other places that can issue marriage certificates or licenses? Why? I think this is a fundamental issue.”

What do you think? Is Levin right? Should the clerk keep her job and be allowed to refuse to provide same-sex marriage licenses? Share your opinion below in the comment section.

H/T – Mark Levin Show

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