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Guess what? Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner still might be jail bound!

Last month, Caitlyn Jenner dodged jail time by the skin of her teeth when prosecutors decided not to charge her for the fatal car accident she caused that led to the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe.

If the former Olympian thought she was off the hook, however, she was VERY wrong.

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According to TMZ, Howe’s stepchildren filed a legal document claiming that Jenner was under the influence of drugs when she caused the car accident.

They are now demanding to know what medications Jenner was taking, saying that they could have impaired her ability to drive.


While Jenner was tested after the accident and authorities determined she was not under the influence, she was definitely on some heavy medications for her “transition.” These meds easily could have caused her to swerve in the road and kill Howe.

Should Jenner be exposed as being on drugs at the time of the accident, she could finally be put in jail where she belongs. You won’t be dodging jail this time, Caitlyn!

h/t – TMZ

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