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Guess What? Reality Bites…But We Fight On

For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that I had an amazing weekend in West Virginia at the 1st Annual Logan Patriot Day with Wayne Dupree and my Team Ninja brother Angel Rodriquez. I’ll be blogging about that in the next day or so but tonight, I need to share with you a message of concern and also of encouragement. Concern because I feel like conservatives are being targeted and there is a concerted effort to not only demean us but to flat out destroy us. Yet, I follow that up with encouragement because my friends, this is #WAR, and this a fight worth having.

It isn’t easy to stay encouraged when you constantly feel targeted by those that prefer a world of political correctness and those who wouldn’t know their own bias if it jumped up and slapped them in the face. It’s flat out discouraging as hell. Imagine my surprise, well, not really surprise because it’s almost expected, but disappointment in finding out that many of my conservative colleagues had been targeted in their workplace for their activism. I realize many of you are completely flabbergasted, because you’ve been choked with the narrative that discrimination only occurs against a select group and conservatives all have it made, are Koch funded and have nary a care in the world. Well let me dish out a nice dose of reality to you…that’s complete bullshit. Sorry, that’s the only word for it.

I have friends that succumb to the fear and temper their political posts because they don’t want to face repercussions in their workplace. I too at times have been so literally exhausted lately, that I’ve felt like, what is the point? Is my blogging making a difference? Is anyone listening? Apparently they are, because when I’m targeted for what I write, when I’m targeted for what I post, when I’m offered jobs with the only condition being I stop blogging and talk radio, I’m obviously getting under someone’s skin. Sorry leftists, sorry Hillary, but in this world, we need more voices, not less because it makes a freaking difference.

Yes my friends, this post is taking a slightly more aggressive tone than normal but I have seriously been pushed to my limit lately. It saddens me that I have felt like I no longer had the energy to “put pen to virtual paper” and put my thoughts out there. It saddens me to hear that my fellow colleagues in the blogosphere have been unfairly judged and condemned in an attempt to shut them up. And it saddens me we have people in our own movement that are more concerned with their own personal gain than furthering the cause as a whole.

But fear not my friends, this is not just a bitch session, it’s a call to action. We have no alternative but to keep fighting because there is simply too much at stake. I know you’re tired, I am too. So make sure you take the time to rest as needed, but then get back up and get in the ring for another round. You can do it, and I will be right there beside you.


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Jackie Wellfonder is a conservative activist, blogger and talk radio host. She also does social media consulting, you can find out more at

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