Guess who’s replacing Fox News on the Dish?

Before Christmas, the Dish network removed Fox News from their TV lineup. Many subscribers are not happy and mounting social media attacks. The contractual dispute between Fox News and Dish is not on the mend, as many Dish customers had wished for.

That leaves an open slot left by Fox in Dish’s line-up and time is money. Dish has found a replacement.

Fox will be replaced with Glenn Beck’s media network, The Blaze. This is certainly great news for Beck, who was once a Fox reporter. He wrote on Facebook earlier this week:

“When I left Fox News in 2011, I had a question in my mind that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Can man rule himself? Can a guy with a dream, surrounded by a team of committed individuals, disrupt the system and pioneer a new kind of media company? I built TheBlaze because I believe the answer to be ‘YES’.”


Some where happy with the news while others didn’t temper they frustrations

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