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Gun Control Hits a Major Snag in the State of Georgia

When I lived in California (for 25-years), it became increasingly difficult to watch the state legislature chip away at the 2nd Amendment. Each county in California had its own rules as far as granting concealed weapons permits (CCW). In our county (one of the most conservative in the entire state), it was a “may issue,” which simply meant that when a person applied for a concealed weapons permit, the sheriff may or may not issue a permit to you.

This would be after you took the mandatory training course ($150.00), then filled out the proper paperwork and paid the fee ($230.00) for the privilege of having a CCW that was renewable every two years. Even after you did all that, if the sheriff did not believe your reason for wanting a CCW was good enough, your application could be denied.

If you were fortunate enough to obtain a CCW, only the specific guns listed on the permit were eligible to be carried and the serial numbers of each gun was also listed on the permit. There was room for three, so if you happened to grab the wrong gun on the way out of the house that was not listed on the permit, it would create problems if an law enforcement officer (LEO) had reason to ask to see your permit.

Once you obtained a permit, you were good in any part of the state. Yes, there were restrictions like federal buildings, etc., but your permit was recognized in any county of California, except San Francisco. These cops chose to deliberately not recognize a CCW and would routinely take (steal) your gun from you. If you wanted it back, you had to sue and when/if you did get the gun back, it was usually in unworkable condition. This happened to several of my friends who had been pulled over for speeding and dutifully told the officer that they were legally carrying.

San Francisco has been successfully sued by groups in California who partnered with the NRA to force the people in San Francisco to obey the law. Even after being sued, San Francisco refused to obey the law, but that seems to be what Dems do. Eventually, they would do what was expected.

There were (and are) a couple of senators who were always on the warpath where guns were concerned. Sen. Dianne Feinstein was/is probably the worst. Feinstein jumped on the bandwagon after tragic events like Sandy Hook to try desperately to get new anti-gun legislation through the ranks and into law. Feinstein introduced legislation in 1994 to ban “assault” weapons and has continued on that path of gun rights destruction since then.

Interestingly enough, Feinstein also has a concealed weapons permit, but Dems are never one to allow hypocrisy to stand in their way of getting something done and we’ve known that for far too long. Yet, to them, their hypocrisy is nothing to be admitted. After all, they’re “special” people and certainly far more important than average citizens, though they have no problem propping up victims of Sandy Hook or other tragedies in an effort to push their agendas.

Now of course, Feinstein wants to ban all semi-auto pistols and rifles and wants Obama to do so through an executive order (EO). We can talk about the fact that EOs have no real jurisdiction or force of law behind them in a separate article and are only really supposed to used between agencies in the federal government. Congress hasn’t seemed to understand the difference and doesn’t seem to know what to do about Obama’s overreach except to try to make a law that will allegedly force him to obey the law.

But while California continues to ride roughshod over the 2nd Amendment, the state we now call home – Georgia – has taken a proactive stance supporting gun-owners’ rights and the 2nd Amendment. Moving to Georgia highlighted the vast difference between a state like California – where rights are eradicated as often as possible and given to people who are not in the state legally – and Georgia, where people understand the value of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, even at some points, to the extreme.

Georgia has its own rules on obtaining a CCW. It involves filling out an application, paying less than $100.00 and having your fingerprints sent to the FBI for a background check. If you’re clear, in two weeks or so you’ll receive your permit in the mail. It lasts for five years before it needs to be renewed and no guns are listed on the permit, which means you can carry any gun you legally own.

But now, Georgia has done even more to make certain the rights of law-abiding citizens are upheld under the 2nd Amendment. A new, sweeping gun law – HB60 – was recently passed by both the House and Senate in Georgia and now waits for Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature. The new law – dubbed “guns everywhere” by naysayers and opponents – now allows those with CCW permits to carry inside their house of worship if allowed by that church. This is the same way it works for bars. If the owner of the bar is okay with people carrying their guns in his establishment, then it’s good to go. If not, then the person must not bring their weapon into that establishment.

Let me ask something. How many people who illegally carry weapons are going to care if the owner of a bar does not want them to carry there?

Now, under HB60 (if signed into law by Deal), if a church allows people to carry their concealed weapons inside the church, they are free to do so. The other sticking point involved using suppressors or silencers while hunting.

It’s great to be part of a state that recognizes the validity of the 2nd Amendment and treats law-abiding citizens as adults. People can argue all they want about how people should not be able to carry inside a church, but the truth is that criminals and crazies have brought guns into churches and killed pastors and parishioners with them. Had their been someone with a gun who could have taken the person out before they did much or any damage, those pastors and parishioners might be alive today.

I’ve discussed the Global Elite (GE) on many occasions in many different articles previously (at my own blog or other places) and one of the things they want to do is eliminate guns from society. That is something that is so patently obvious to anyone who can think critically, yet there are people who refuse to believe it for one reason or another.

Regardless of the tragedies and the way the Dems and the rest on the left grab onto those tragedies to use them for their own benefit and agenda, there are still legislators who know the truth and ant to do what is right. Obviously, those here in Georgia are among them.

HB60 passed 112 – 58. That bodes well and we need more legislators who are willing to do the right thing. However, too many are too involved in political correctness and want to deprive people of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution. They are liars, cheats, and do not work for the people. They work for the GE and the lies propagated by them.

This November, we have a chance to get rid of some of the individuals who were part of that 58. Let’s do it, so that we can put more people in who will understand that they work for the people who elected them.

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